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5F-MN-24, also called 5F-NNEI and 5F-NNE1 is one of the indole group of synthetic cannabinoids.

It has been found in synthetic cannabis products since at least 2014.


5F-MN-24 is understood to be a CB1 agonist, like most indole-type cannabinoids. Its metabolism liberates amantadine, a compound closely related to APINICA, and both chemicals have been found in forensic samples as an impurity. Matabolic hydrolysis of 5F-MN-24’s amide group is believed to release 1-naphthylamine, which is considered a carcinogen.

Similar Compounds:

  • PX-1
  • NNE1
  • MMB-2201
  • FUB-NNE1
  • FUB-144
  • FDU-NNE1
  • AM-2201
  • 5F-SDB-006

Legal Status:

5F-MN-24 is banned in Sweden and in the US state of California, but is not known to be prohibited in any other jurisdiction or country.

5F-MN-24 is not approved for use as a treatment, or with humans or animals in any way. Do not consume the substance, and do not let it be handled by anyone other than trained professionals.



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